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I have created a new tab – Local Inventor Spotlight  –  check it out and let me know if you want on there – or have other suggestions.

Email: pghinventor@gmail.com

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 Our next meeting is planned for 7 PM on Thursday, January 25, 2018 – at the Monroeville Public Library

Check back for updates.

You can now enter and exit downstairs at Monroeville Public Library, 4000 Gateway Campus Dr, 15146 via the rear entry – park near dumpster.



Enter Here


Rear Door and Lot

  If needed for finding us, my cell is 412-527-6921


 Cannot get there?  Consider videoconferencing – email to coinventors@gmail.com .

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Always check this website for updates on when and where our meeting will be held.

And, in case you were wondering, there is not cost to join our club. Even if you do not currently have an active invention, please come and be part of our focus group for feedback on other’s inventions.

Check out the Links and Library tabs.
These are places I will be putting articles that I think may be of interest to some inventors.  Recommended:  inventorsdigest.com  – recent issues of the magazine as online.

Let’s keep those inventive juices flowing !!!

 Feel free to post a comment with any questions or issues regarding inventing, and we will see if any members have an answer.




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  1. Members, and others, are invited to post a question that a club member may be able to answer, such as where to get help making a certain type of prototype, or where they might be able to buy something or other.

  2. Andrew F said:

    I am interested in Licensing directly to manufacturers, but am not comfortable in my contract writing skills. Is there an org that can help with this issue?

    • Andrew,
      Hi. At the Inventors Club website under the Documents tab, you will find one called NDA-blank-1. With the blanks filled in, this confidentiality agreement can serve you well enough in making initial inquiries with manufacturers, assuming they sign it. If they ever offer you a licensing deal, then you probably should seek professional help. One source I am aware of is this: http://www.jrayassoc.com/Practice_Areas/License_Agreements.aspx.
      Good Luck!

    • Visit http://www.licensing.org which is also known as LIMA. I also have an idea that would requiring a licensing contract to be drawn up. I plan on attending this meeting on 6/25/15 at the library for the first time and hope you and I can meet. AdrienneW

      • Due to the nature of life, I have to hold a regular job. That job keeps me busy during the afternoon til after midnight. Because of that, I am usually unable to attend those meetings because they happen at times I have to work. As for licensing, you might want to check out this book (if you haven’t already gotten it): “One Simple Idea” by Stephen Key. It is full of useful information on licensing. I hope that helps. I’m sorry I missed you at the meeting. Maybe the next time, I’ll find a way to get out of work that day. That is the irony of my life: having to work a regular job to make ends meet…yet having new product ideas by the fistful and no way to bring them to the market…(yet).

    • First, it matters somewhat if you have a patent granted already of just “patent-pending” status. Larger companies won’t even talk to you if you do not have a granted patent. It is risky to try licensing without any patent protection. There are companies like Lambert & Lambert that will take care of a lot of the leg work for you if they take on your invention. They want just 30% of you license revenue, so it may be worth that, and they only want $200 up front.

  3. nelse dumas said:

    The buddy buggy is a personal shopping cart that allows shopper to load up grocery and return back to their car and load the whole cart in the trunk bags intact because of the retractable legs. Need 183 votes to bring it to market. To vote and see description go to quirky.com. thanks!

  4. nelse dumas said:

    Thanks for replying back about what categories the buddy buggy is in that will be home and gardening.

  5. Does a Pittsburgh “West” Inventors Club exist?

  6. Iris & Others,
    I have done some part time work for James Ray & Associates and would recommend them as one to consider, but getting a couple of quotes is not a bad idea.
    (see http://www.jrayassoc.com/Practice_Areas/Patents.aspx)
    I suggest that in checking out for a patent attorney or agent, you look at their body of work over the past 2 years or more to see what sorts of patents that they have been successful in getting allowed. Go to http://patft.uspto.gov/ and on left side click on Quick under patents. Then in “term” box type in the firms name, then in Field 1 select Agent or Attorney – then click on Search. You can see the titles and numbers for patents starting with their most recent. You can click on each one if you want to see more. Design patents that start with a D should not even be counted – they take no skill other than for the draftsman doing the Figures.
    As for provisional patents, if you have the time, moderately good computer skills, and patience, you might consider doing it yourself. James Ray and Associates charges about $1100, so it comes down to how much do you value your time, and how many more might you do in the future. There is no point in doing first-class drawings for a provisional – things might change within the year before filing a utility application. I frequently discuss these matters at our monthly meetings, if you can make one.
    Founder, Pittsburgh East Inventors Club

  7. Club member Augie revealed recently that he has a YouTube video about one of his products – enter “granite bumper cushion” and check it out. He also spoke favorably about using mfg.com to get a couple of products produced for selling. Sometimes there are some communication problems if going to China, but good drawings help a lot.

  8. Anthony Morris said:

    Hello all…..

    I am not an inventor, just a tinkerer and a father of 5 who is currently looking for an inventor. I am hoping that someone reads this and is willing to accept my challenge. I do not have an abundance of wealth, but am not completely down and out. So in saying this i would be willing to either help fund or down right pay for and purchase the finished product. If it turns out to be a good idea and even better invention, by all means patent your product and market it. I am looking for an inventor to invent/develope some sort of “Spinal Decompression Table”…….
    I’ve done some research and the only thing i can find that even comes close is an inversion table, but i am looking for more of a “COMFORTABLE” Hospital Bed torture table type of deal…..now before you raise your eyebrows, inversion tables are ok, but im looking for something i can strap myself into laying down, and (POSSIBLY) press a button to stretch my lower back/muscles, as well as my spine most importantly in very small increments. My chiropractor has a decompression table, it has a small machine with a cable attached to a padded pair of underwear like shorts, and the cable supposedly pulls on your lower back at the desired set tension and it’s hardly effective!
    So i need something that will hold me in place on the bed, but stretch my body with pretty good force at my waist line…..I AM IN EXTREME PAIN, im tired of being drugged up by doctors, and lower back surgery is not an option. I own a medical grade EMS machine with 20 electrode channels, and 15 different frequencies, inversion tables, i tried heat/cold, chiropractors, professional messages. Im at wits end…….if anyone is up for a challenge that’s not practical yet….but can be, contact me please.

    Anthony Morris
    470-331-5981 Call or Text or Email

    • Rodney Norris said:

      I read this a couple of days ago and believe I have a reasonable idea for a device that may solve your problem. No inversion. No hard tables etc. Feel free to contact me.

      Rodney Norris
      Cell. 706-513-2209 live in South Park PA.

  9. Dion Magestro said:

    Does anyone have a resource for a social media marketing whiz. It seems logical that the millennialls are the best bet to find the person. I believe this is the most effective strategy for my invention. Any contacts would be welcome.

  10. Scott Tarcy, formerly of the Murrysville – Plum area, made a presentation at our June meeting that may be of interest to some inventors. You can see his video at http://caddesignhelp.com/ .

  11. Rodney Norris said:

    I have several large scale inventions. I have concept animations of one of them and I am building a 4 1/2 foot prototype of my latest. The problem is that most of my inventions are large and take a boatload of money to bring to life. An example is as mentioned above with the current prototype. It is an automatically deploying hard walled Mars Habitat that as far as I can tell is the best option in basically every category. Weight, Safety, Square footage, Expansion, Ease of design and Build, transportable(to mars), radiation shielding, etc. But I don’t know what to do next to get funding to build full scale.

  12. Rodney Norris said:

    Hello, I plan on attending the next meeting 9/26/17. But I have several large-scale inventions. I have 11 small electronic inventions as well. I don’t just have ideas. I do what I can to actually produce them and or working prototypes. I am looking to team up with likeminded people to form a company with to produce inventions be them mine or others. I have come to realize that 100% of zero dollars is still zero dollars! By Teaming up with others that can assist in the production of inventions maybe we all could add to the wallet. If you’re of entrepreneur spirit, even if have no clue on your own invention… this may be your chance! Hopefully we find some reasonably skilled individuals. Example…. Anyone know someone reasonably proficient in Blender Cad/animation? I have an animated depiction of one of my inventions that needs to be edited to be more reflective of the actual design of the invention for presentations. Another is the need for someone to help with configuring / cooling of Li batteries that drive SEVERAL electric ducted fans. And people to help build working ¼, ½, and or full-scale prototypes.
    If Clean abundant water, Super-fast and efficient space flight, Mars/Lunar Habitats, Flying Transport, and Storm/Hurricane prevention, (Yes, it is possible! I have animation of device), If any of these things interest you, or you know someone it would, or just want to help to ride on the coattails of others, LOL…. Please contact me. Totally willing to share in everything with those who would help/join me!

    Rodney Norris
    South Park Resident
    Cell 706-513-2209

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