Pittsburgh Area Inventors Unite – come learn, protect, evaluate, and share !


We are two inventors in the Monroeville and Delmont area who had a long-standing desire to join a Pittsburgh area inventors club. Being that none seemed to exist, to our knowledge, we started one in 2013.  One of us operates a very small patent searching business, (patentsearchingservice.com) and we both have considerable  experience doing part-time work for a local patent services firm.  However, first and foremost, we consider ourselves to be inventors.  We want this club to be about inventors helping inventors, and not a networking event for those trying to market services to inventors.

Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of inventors wasting a lot of money, so it is a major aim of ours to cut down on this. We plan to do this with a combination of education and co-operative evaluation.  By the latter, we mean mainly being a focus group for one another to provide honest feedback on  potential marketability before investing a lot of money. Another goal is to show you how to get some measure of low-cost intellectual property  protection for your invention before disclosing it to others.

In the event another club wants to  start up in the Pittsburgh area,  we took the name Pittsburgh East, but anyone in the area is willing to come.  Plus, if you want to start a branch club in your area, we will be glad to help. In 2019, we starting transitioning to just Pittsburgh Inventors Club. 

We have secured the use of a meeting room once a month at the Monroeville Public Library, and we don’t anticipate any cost to participants. We will ask members to follow some common sense rules, such as not presenting an invention idea unless you have at least a provisional patent application (PPA).


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