Pittsburgh Area Inventors Unite – come learn, protect, evaluate, and share !


Email: pghinventor@gmail.com

or   coinventors@gmail.com

Phone or text: 412-527-6921

You can call into conference call during one of our meeting to join in the audio portion

Call 605-472-5315     The access code is:  796610



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  1. I have recently invented and patented a multifunction healthcare device called Com-Aid. It helps people experiencing pain in their back, knees or hips to get up and down from the commode. It also aids the elderly. It comes with a kneeling pad that when used with Com-Aid makes it more sanitary and comfortable for people that have to vomit. It is portable and has several other advantages to any similar products on the market. A short audio/video can be seen on the website that further describes the device. I have a prototype and am currently looking for an investor/partner to help bring it to market. Thank you!

  2. I recently wrote my own patent without an attorney. The application fee was $430 and got my utility patent in 102 days. I wanted to share with other inventors how I did it, so I wrote a book. http://www.myezpatent.com

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